Break Room VR | Devblog #1

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Welcome to Break Room VR's first Dev Log! Unlike A Story of Distress, with Break Room VR, we will be able to start showing you our progress right from the beginning. Since this is our first Devblog, let me explain a bit about the game. Break Room VR is an Arcade VR Game, where you will be able to do all sorts of things related to breaking stuff. There will be several game modes, timed ones (break as many things as possible in as little time as possible), sandbox mode, build funny stuff then destroy your beautiful creation, etc...

We plan on adding some awesome stuff like coop multiplayer, Level Editor, Weapon Editor, Leader boards, etc.. but frankly, nothing is set on stone. In this game, we would like to try a different Game Design approach. We don't have any documentation nor anything that is predefined. Of course we have an organization, but we didn't plan ourselves 2 years ahead. We plan ourselves 1 week ahead. This will enable us to actually develop stuff that will be fun to play. We will be constantly changing our goals and focusing on the parts of the game that need more love. We will release it as an Early Access title as soon as it is playable and fun. From there, we hope to have your help on gathering as much feedback as possible, so that we can build an awesome game, using various iterations.



We have added smooth locomotion to the game as a basic form of movement, teleportation is also on it's way but it will still take a little while as it isn't necessary in order to conduct further testing of the game's play ability.

Further on, we have also added snap turning in order to support 180* devices such as the Rift (if not setup correctly) and the PSVR.



A Story of Distress gave us a lot of insight as to how VR games should actually be. So, this time around, we are going all the way on immersion and polish. First up, we have hand gestures, which will not only allow you to correctly match you in-game hand to your real life one, it will also enable you to express yourself better for outside viewers. It's a pretty simple system that can be easily changed/enhanced, honestly, it makes a whole lot of difference inside the game.

Hand Gestures Gif



Grabbing objects is now also possible. These objects, unlike in A Story of Distress, are completely physics based, you can use essentially any item to break everything around you. But, there are special items which we are currently just calling Weapons. These have special snap attributes for instance, a baseball bat, it automatically snaps to the correct rotation and position of your hand, allowing you a more natural grip. We are still deciding if there will be any drawbacks for using weapons such as a durability system, to make the game more dynamic, but for now, there isn't, it still requires more testing.

Currently we have the following test weapons: Baseball bat, Flail, Two handed Staff, Two Handed Hammer. After quite some tests, we decided to ditch the two handed weapons as they were simply clunky and not fun. We will however maintain the system and possibly find use for it in the future.



While testing, we realized that a lot of people had troubles grabbing objects, usually, newcomers don't realize that they can reach out to an object and grab them, and sometimes, you just don't want to crouch in order to grab something off of the floor. So, we added a distance based grabbing system. Essentially, point at the object and a line should appear. Press and hold down the grip button and you should perform a distance grab.

Distance Based Grab



In Break Room, there are going to be different types of breakable objects, firs off, there are objects that shatter. While we don't yet have any 3D models implemented, we do have the system layered out with placeholders.

Breaking Stuff



To create the Logo, we started with a quick brainstorm where we got a lot of ideas, some really good, others... not so much. After that, we filtered these ideas and found the 3 best ones which were used to create 3 quick sketches.

We wanted the Logo to be creative and attractive. Therefore, we opted to use the classic orange and blue color combination to make the game's name more attractive.

Sketch of the 3 best alternatives

The team agreed that 1 and 2 would be a good combination for the final work, that's where I started. I made a 3D model as a base to get the perspective and values right which gave the letters a lot more impact and depth.

Break Room VR's Logo 3D Mockup

Details such as internal shadows, gradients and outlines were added in order to polish up the logo. After that, I just added some details like the cut on the letters and the silver tape and it's done!

Break Room VR's Final Logo



Breakroom has a Cartoon art style, because it brings a fun aspect to the game. The team chose this art style for the game as it has a heavy visual appeal and is very accessible for the art team, speeding the production and letting the artists have more creative freedom.

A fridge 3D model that will be used in the levels

The game focuses on breaking stuff, and for that, there will be a lot of physics-based objects on the scene, making it performance heavy which will require us to keep an eye on the polycount. This is also one of the factors that led us to choosing the cartoon style.

The ammount of details in the objects depends on the rate of appearance, that is, if an object like the mug (photo down below) will appear multiple times, this object needs to have less polygons, and if the object appears rarely like the fridge (photo above) it can have more details.

Broken Mug that will be used in the levels after the player hits a normal mug

Because of the cartoon style, the team chose that the objects would have Cel Shading, giving the final touch in the art style, simulating the shading found in most cartoons, with more “flat” shadows.

Some of Break Room Weapons