Yellow Panda Games is specialized in digital games, delivering high precision projects in the Virtual and Augmented reality segment. We have experience developing games, advergames and serious games.

KNN Knowa Slide Advergame

Knowa Slide is an arcade mobile advergame that was developed for KNN Idiomas. Race against your friends for the first place on the highscore!

Nissan Kicks for Pets Advergame Magic Leap

Augmented Reality app using magic leap that showcases the Nissan Kicks for Pets during the salão do automóvel.

Dental Speed Magic Dent AR Advergame

Magic Dent is an AR App developed in 2019 for a physical card campaign with a christmas theme for Dental Speed.

KNN Easter Play Advergame

E-aster play is a game browsing website developed for KNN Idiomas. The main idea was to entertain 4 - 12 years olds during 2020's easter. It happened during Covid-19's quarentine.

A Story of Distress Yellow Panda Virtual Reality Game

A Story of Distress is a single-player stealth based adventure game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Play through a campaign that features voice acting and intense story telling.

Story was the first game published and developed by Yellow Panda Games.

Lapupa Game - Runner

Lapupa Game is an Advergame developed for Lapupa, a custom female's shoe manufacturer. With this game, they were able to generate significant customer engajement by having a public leaderboard and offering a prize to the numer 1 player.

Lapupa Game Icon
Adidas Aumented Reality Advergame

Augmented Reality game where people have to run on a threadmill on a race against AI, this was an action performed inside an Adidas store.

Sala dos Herois Advergame

Heroes of Justice was an Advergame developed for DC and exposed on a public shopping mall. 8 Children team up together on individual tablets, each one controling a different justice League hero in order to save the city from mayhem.

Superman VR

Superman's Flight VR is an Advergame developed for DC and exposed on a public shopping mall. It simulates as if the player was superman, flying trough the city.


The Agrinho Platform is a 3D web game platform that contains more than 12 unique games that teach about growing farms and at the same time promote the SENAR brand.


Série de jogos feitos para a plataforma giga gloob:
Resgate espacial, PlantaCão, 7 erros, quebra cabeça, esconde onde, ovo frito, cartola mágica, rango junino. 



Idle Hyper Casual. Coma o maior número de objetos na galáxia e torne-se o maior buraco negro do mundo!