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Team Insights: Meet our Tech Lead, Lucas Benvenuti

Lucas Benvenuti started his career as a graphic and web designer almost 7 years ago while working for a top-tier language learning school and producing interactive media, landing pages, and augmented reality games. In 2019, Lucas joined the Yellow Panda team and has been an integral part of turning the studio into what it is today. He is at the forefront of new technologies and helping our team perform technically challenging tasks.

Team Insights: Lucas Benvenuti, Yellow Panda Games' Tech Lead


From the very beginning, Lucas has been captivated by innovations across diverse areas of technology. This deep-seated passion led him on a quest to find a workplace that would not only accommodate but nurture his desire to progress. Yellow Panda emerged as the ideal destination. For him, Yellow Panda wasn't just a workplace; it was a platform where he could synchronize with the latest trends, breathe life into innovative applications, and immerse himself in the work he loves.

Reflecting on his journey, Lucas recounted, “When I joined Yellow Panda, I felt like I could be at ease" This moment marked a turning point, assuring him that he wouldn't be left behind in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Yellow Panda became not just a workplace but a collaborator in his pursuit of staying at the forefront of industry trends.


At Yellow Panda Games, the belief that knowledge is valuable only within the confines of one's expertise is debunked. Lucas, shares insights into the studio's culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration, emphasizing the profound impact it has on the team's creativity and problem-solving. 

He highlights the studio's commitment to innovation, explaining that at Yellow Panda Games, knowledge is not siloed. In this dynamic environment, programmers are not only welcome but encouraged to contribute beyond their coding expertise. Art, game design documents (GDD), and other diverse domains become platforms for collaborative thinking. This approach not only enhances problem-solving but also stimulates different areas of the brain, fostering new perspectives on familiar challenges.

“Leveraging each individual's potential and the freedom we have to explore technological innovations fills me with pride and a desire to collaborate with the team,” says Lucas as he explains how there are situations where challenges related to art are solved with programming and vice versa.

Lucas looks back at his experience and acknowledges the personal growth and tangible improvements experienced not only within the company but also on an individual level. The collaborative and innovative spirit at Yellow Panda Games serves as a driving force, propelling both the team and its members toward excellence.


“When Yellow Panda transitioned to remote work, it made things immensely easier,” said Lucas regarding the studio’s transition to the work method. “I had just become a father and moved farther away, so if there were any emergencies at home, it would take me more than 1 hour to get there due to traffic”. 

Lucas talked about how working from home enabled him to be more comfortable during work hours, set his own schedule, and be more productive while still being closer to his family.

Commuting had been a huge issue for him as well, in his words “It honestly used to take a toll on my mind when I got home”


Lucas put together a list of 4 tips that he would like to share with young developers who are only now entering the games industry which he believes are crucial to succeeding. 


“Always keep your focus on your goal and make plans, as this will prevent you from getting lost along the way.”


“Have the determination to go after it and make it happen, because nothing worthwhile in life comes for free or miraculously falls into your lap.”


“Never think that you already know everything or that you don't need to chase after it anymore because you've learned enough. Knowledge is perhaps one of the most mutable things in the world; one day you know it, the next day maybe not, as trends and technology change. Therefore, always study something related to your goal, no matter how small, because the moment may come when the little phrase you read in an article becomes your differentiator when solving a problem!”


“Always commit to what you want! Chase after it, make it happen! Never think, that you don’t know how to do it, think about how you might not yet know it, therefore you can still learn about it. It's impossible to know and be good at everything, so focus on your goals, and everything will naturally fall into place.”

What Yellow Panda Games Offers

With over 7 years of experience in the game industry, Yellow Panda Games offers services in Development, Art, and QA for Mobile, Web, XR, and PC Games. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to handle LiveOps, Porting, and Full-Cycle development, then you can be sure that our team of experts is ready to take on your project.

Wanna know more about our services? Let’s talk about how we can help you bring new projects to life or update your existing ones with new content. Click here to talk to our sales team.

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Rosangela Barbosa
Rosangela Barbosa
08. Feb.

Certainly, having a purpose and resilience to always evolve and with a lot of passion in what you do is the key to success. Lifelong learner is not a buzzword, but the only way to stay up to date and add value to what you do. Congratulations Lucas! Congratulations Yellow Panda.

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