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Tech Talk: Social Features To make your Web Games More Shareable

Web games are traditionally easy to share, but did you know you can increase the number of players who actually share your game with their friends using a few simple tricks? Let’s dive into the world of shareability in browser games.

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Why Are Web Games More Shareable?

It all boils down to the lack of downloads. Users are able to access a website and play your game, with no downloads, no launcher, no purchases, just quick and easy click-and-play. They might even already be a regular player on the website if you host your game on hubs like Crazygames and Poki and just stumble upon your game there.

A session with friends is always a quick copy-and-paste away and takes only a few seconds to a few minutes to load. This is completely the opposite of what players are accustomed to on Steam and Consoles. Most of the time, the users’ friends won’t even own the same games as them and even if they were to purchase it on the spot, it might take hours to fully download onto their machines.

What Features Can Increase Shareability?

While browser games can be quite shareable, it is crucial to induce the idea of sharing these games between players. Here are a few suggestions that you can implement in your own game.

Unique Recruit-A-Friend rewards

Several games use this to incentivize players to invite their friends to play alongside them. World of Warcraft even goes as far as giving players free game time. Other small rewards can be used as well such as skins, mounts, items, powerups, titles, emotes, etc.

Increasing Progression Speed while in a party

Multiplayer games can incentivize players to join parties and play together, this can have a long-lasting effect even on players who are initially complete strangers. It incentivizes “looking for group” discussions in social apps and websites. Not only that but playing together online can severely increase retention and overall playtime. Give players a 50% increase in XP Gains while in a party with a friend and you will see an overall increase in formed parties.

Clan Tags

This is such an easy and simple way to make players feel like they belong to a bigger community than they actually do. This even increases the overall perception of the community if you see someone else using clan tags.

Easy to share URLs

Make sure that players don’t have to invite and find each other inside the game through a complex user experience. Simply copying and pasting your current URL should already be an invite link for other players to join you.

Offer clear Social Media links

Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Threads, etc. All of these platforms can severely help you foster a community that will increasingly invite each other for play sessions inside your game.


Web-based games offer an amazing opportunity to be quickly shared amongst users, however, if you, the developer, do not offer the required tools for them to do so, a lot of potential is left on the table. There are several easy ways to increase your game’s shareability and this should not be left out as a last-minute implementation. If you need a trustworthy partner to develop your next multiplayer web game, let Yellow Panda Games help you bring your ideas to life.

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