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Hathora - Scalable Multiplayer Games Infrastructure

Developing multiplayer games on a budget has always been a huge hassle, luckily Hathora aims to simplify the process of creating dedicated server-authoritative infrastructure that is as scalable as serverless infrastructure. You can spin up a server around the world with 1 API call, with dedicated SDK for Unity, Unreal, and more.

Hathora - Scalable Multiplayer Services - Yellow Panda Games

World Wide Infrastructure

Hathora offers servers on a global scale in every major location. Servers that can be used on a pay-as-you-go plan or via a commitment plan which offers significant discounts on compute and bandwidth. Pricing can be checked here as well as a comprehensible calculator.

Easy to deploy, Easy to Integrate

Hathora can be deployed straight from inside the engine or via their dashboard using a custom dockerfile. Not only that but integrating it with serverless or dedicated servers through traditional backend services is easy as they provide an easy-to-use API.

The in-engine multiplayer code can be developed in numerous ways, one of them being Mirror, one of the most widely used, open-source, networking solutions available for Unity.

Developing Scalable Multiplayer Games

If you need a partner to develop high-quality, real-time multiplayer games, let Yellow Panda Games help you. With the help of Hathora, we can create and deploy scalable, world-widely available real-time multiplayer games and experiences without breaking the bank because of huge server costs.

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