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7 Years of Yellow Panda

Yellow Panda Games turned 7 just a few days ago, to celebrate, we took the entire team to a one weekend-long trip in the country-side.

A Picture showing everyone on the Yellow Panda Games team including Rafael Barbosa, Gabriela Fratini, Christian Marchetti, Murilo Bezerra, Miguel Grunfeldt, Victor Branco, Vitor Silva, Liz Piscke, Lucas Benvenuti and Eduardo Chiossi
The Team

The "Panda House" as the team liked to call it, is an event we wanted to pull off for years now but never quite got the chance. After last year's incredible work from the entire team, we finally got to a point where this was possible.

We had a bunch of activities lined up including a "Design your own shirt challenge" where everyone received a blank yellow shirt and got to customize it themselves using thermoadhesive stickers! Here are some of the results:

Design your own shirt challenge results for Yellow Panda Games
Design your own shirt challenge results

The Yellow Panda Games team wearing the shirts they designed themselves
The team wearing their custom shirts

The place we went to was a pretty cozy stay in the middle of a rural area in Barra Velha, SC. There we got to enjoy the pool, play video games, cook together and even see and feed goats!

A picture of what the place looked like including goats, a grass field, a pool and food
Goats, pool and food

We had "salgadinho" during a pool party and together, cooked pasta for dinner. Overall, this was one of our best time together. Looking forward to our next party! Keep being awesome, panders!

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