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Quality of Life: Working Remotely

Hospitality, Equity, and Stability are three of our main values at Yellow Panda Games. We highly value the quality of life and well-being of our team as a whole.

In this blog post, you'll find out more about how we transitioned from a physical office to remote work.

Quality of Life: Working Remotely, blog post by Yellow Panda Games

Covid Pandemic and Remote Work Adaptation

When the pandemic hit, our team at Yellow Panda Games found ourselves uniquely positioned to transition seamlessly to remote work.

With a workforce already accustomed to digital collaboration and communication tools, we quickly realized the potential benefits of this new work model.

Embracing Remote Work

Initially, like many organizations, we held onto the dream of a bustling office space, envisioning it as a hub of creativity and collaboration.

However, as the reality of remote work set in, we recognized the myriad advantages it offered.

Quality of Life Improvements

One of the most significant impacts of remote work has been the liberation from daily commutes.

No longer spending hours in transit means our team members have reclaimed valuable time to spend with their families, attend appointments, and enjoy a more flexible schedule.

This newfound freedom has had a profound effect on their overall quality of life.

"With remote work, I saved 2 to 3 hours daily that were previously lost commuting, giving me more leisure time."

- Christian Marchetti, Game Designer & QA Analyst at Yellow Panda Games

Boost in Productivity

Contrary to initial concerns, productivity at Yellow Panda Games has flourished in our remote work environment.

With fewer distractions and the ability to structure their workday to suit individual preferences, our team members have found themselves achieving more in less time.

Financial Reallocation

Operating a physical office comes with significant costs, from rent to utilities to office supplies.

By embracing remote work, we've been able to redirect those resources towards enhancing our team's quality of life and reinvesting in the growth of our company.

"Remote work enabled my entry into the professional gaming market, even though I live in a city with a nonexistent gaming market."

- Murilo Bezerra, Game Developer at Yellow Panda Games

Overcoming Challenges

While remote work has its advantages, it's not without its challenges. Ensuring that each team member has access to necessary equipment, such as VR headsets for immersive game development, requires careful coordination.

However, with effective communication and support systems in place, these obstacles are easily surmountable.

Fostering Connection

Despite the physical distance, fostering a sense of camaraderie remains a priority at Yellow Panda Games.

Special events, like our recent 7-year anniversary party, provide valuable opportunities for team members to come together, share stories, and strengthen bonds.

"Working from home has allowed me to save time and money, giving me more time to rest, take care of household tasks, and avoid extra costs related to food and commuting."

- Miguel Grunfeldt, Art Director at Yellow Panda Games

Join Us

If you're seeking a high-quality game studio that values flexibility and prioritizes the well-being of its team, we invite you to explore career opportunities at Yellow Panda Games.

Visit our careers page to learn more about how you can become part of our innovative and dynamic team.

At Yellow Panda Games, remote work isn't just a necessity; it's a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a healthier, more fulfilling work environment for all.

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