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Rune Grant Award - TycoonVania

TycoonVania is Yellow Panda Games' latest game announcement. A 4 player online tycoon game where each player controls a vampire tasked with being the first to build their own castle.

Tycoon Vania - Announcement Image by Yellow Panda Games
Tycoon Vania - Announcement Image

TycoonVania is a concept that was submitted to Rune's grant opportunity and was recently approved. The game's development has only recently started but already promises a fun and engaging gameplay inspired by the famous Fortnite and Roblox Tycoon levels.

Developing Tycoon Games

Developing both our own not yet released Fortnite Tycoon Map as well as Mafia Paradise, our also not yet released mobile tycoon game has helped us learn a lot more about how these games tick and what makes them fun.

TycoonVania comes with the promise of being built upon web-based, javascript tools and will therefore be extremly lightweight while still offering a unique and engaging experience.

Meta Layers

While it will follow the formula from our Fortnite Tycoon Map, TycoonVania will expand upon it by adding meta layers to increase playtime and available content. Between matches, players will be able to unlock and collect unique progression cosmetics.


While the release date is not yet defined, we will soon have more information to share as well trailers and previews of the game.

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