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How Spatial Computing Might become the New Standard

Spatial computing is emerging as a transformative force, poised to redefine the standards in the computer industry. While widespread adoption may take time, recent releases such as the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3, and Apple Vision Pro are indicative of a promising future. In this blog post, we explore the key elements driving this evolution and how they are shaping the way we experience mixed reality.

Blog Post Thumbnail - A woman using the Apple Vision Pro and looking at the home screen

Passthrough Capabilities and Mixed Reality Technology

With the advent of devices like the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3, and Apple Vision Pro, heavy passthrough capabilities are becoming a game-changer. These devices are laying the foundation for a more feasible and immersive mixed reality experience, blurring the lines between the virtual and the real world through high quality 4K RGB passthrough cameras.

Eye Tracking for Enhanced Interaction In Spatial Computing

The integration of eye tracking technology is revolutionizing user interaction in spatial computing. Users can perform actions in a more consistent and faster manner. MKBHD talked about their experience with the Apple Vision Pro during their latest Waveform Podcast, where they discussed about how they were able to type faster and in a more natural form than ever before in MR.

This technology holds the potential to redefine how we navigate and engage with virtual environments, unlocking more natural inputs and increased efficiency.

Comfortable Sitting and Tabletop Experiences

While VR and room-scale experiences offer unparalleled immersion, the future also lies in comfortable sitting and tabletop experiences. Session durations can extend significantly, allowing users to interact for longer periods.

While Roomscale XR can be a great form of working out, not all users want to or even can play high action 360 games like A Story of Distress, Superhot and Beat Saber. Even very fit and hooked players aren't able to maintain a playing session for long hours. This is where MR comes in.

The N3DS CitraVR Emulator release by Amanda Watson, captivating the Meta Quest community, showcases the appeal of mixed reality tabletop experiences with familiar controllers.

Apple's Entry into the XR Industry

A picture showing the Apple Vision Pro on the left and Mark Zuckerberg using the Meta Quest 3 on the right

The recent entry of tech giant Apple into the VR/AR industry marks a significant milestone. Apple's involvement is expected to bring widespread marketing efforts and foster broader market acceptance of XR technology. This development will undoubtedly contribute to the acceleration of spatial computing becoming a standard in the industry.

What to expect from the future of MR

We have incredible devices capable of high quality eye and hand tracking. We practically have typing figured out either using eye tracking or voice recognition. UX is now much more advanced and nausea is essentially eliminated. Passthrough cameras are great and the device's chipsets are becoming better and better by the day. So, what's still missing?

For starters, price. While the Apple Vision Pro seems like an amazing device, it is also quite expensive, costing nearly $3.499 USD. Even the Meta Quest Pro, the only Meta device that features eye-tracking still costs at least $999 USD. While some people are able to afford them, the pricing alone makes them unable to reach a widespread audience.

There's also confort to take into account. MKBHD and other influencers who got to try the Apple Vision Pro first-hand all mentioned it's weight and how they couldn't have kept them on for longer than 30 minutes.

There are other factors such as battery life and availability. For example, neither the Apple Vision Pro nor the Meta Quests are available in countries like Brasil and India.


As spatial computing continues to gain momentum, developers all around the world are developing apps and claiming the front pages of the app stores. As time goes on, the technologies available become better and better and even more widespread.

Yellow Panda Games stands at the forefront, offering outsourcing services in the XR space. If you're envisioning your own VR, AR, or MR experience, consider leveraging the expertise of our established studio. Reach out to us at to embark on a journey of immersive possibilities.

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